Our services

We offer comprehensive services for all matters relating to family law.

Icon - Mediation

Our team members are all accredited family mediators. We also offer private sessions of family, civil and commercial mediation.

Mediation is there to help you find practical solutions to all issues relating to your separation (division of family patrimony, matrimonial regime, custody, access rights, child and spousal support, parental plan).

If you have children, we accept mediation mandates at the government rate, which includes five (5) hours paid for by the government.

All of our mediation services are offered in English and in French and whether or not your trial has been scheduled.

Icon - Litigation

Experienced in litigation, we can represent you in court in all family matters.

We are skilled at minimizing the number of issues that have to be litigated thereby ensuring that we prioritize the essential elements of your file and in the process we save you time, money and stress.

We will prepare a strategy with you from the outset of the file and will ensure that you remain informed and comfortable throughout the litigation process.

If you are involved in a contested litigation we can also negotiate with the adverse party in an effort to avoid further judicial proceedings.

Icon -Joint Application for Divorce
Joint Application for Divorce

If you have already come to an agreement on all aspects of your divorce or have come to an agreement in mediation, we can prepare and file your joint divorce application.

For a flat fee we will institute joint divorce proceedings on your behalf, which include the following:

  • Joint Divorce Application
  • Consent to Judgment on Accessory Measures
  • Two (2) Affidavits for Judgment
  • Child Support Determination Form
Icon - Representation of Children
Representation of Children

Both Me Véronique Collard and Me Catherine Eustace represent children in their practice of family law.

Children may require legal representation in a custody dispute if the child is old enough and mature enough to provide his or her opinion to the judge, when it is difficult to determine the child’s desires with respect to his or her own custody, or when the child's best interests need to be protected.

Icon - Parental Coordination
Parental Coordination

Parental coordination is a child-centered process through which an attorney, who is an accredited mediator, is appointed by the court to help high conflict parents apply their parental plan or judgments rendered by the courts. In general, the parenting coordinator helps the parents to resolve their conflicts, the whole in an effort to shelter the children from the parental conflict and to limit resorting to the court system to address parenting disputes. The parental coordinator also informs the parents of their children’s needs and best interests.

Icon - Unbundling of Legal Services
Unbundling of Legal Services

In response to the growing number of litigants who are representing themselves at court, we offer Limited Scope Representation. In other words, rather than representing you in all aspects of your legal file, we can assist you with legal services for part of your legal file.