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Our firm is proud to present trainings and workshops geared toward both separated parents and professionals working in the legal and psychosocial domains.

For parents searching for a way to establish more effective communication with their co-parent, we have developed communication workshops that offer tips and tricks designed to improve your relationship with your co-parent the whole in your children’s interests. Never lose sight of the fact that effective communication is the basis for maintaining positive interpersonal relationships in all spheres of your life.

Parenting after separation - communication workshops

Please contact us to inquire regarding session dates.

Are you a separated parent? We will assist you to continue to communicate effectively and respectfully.

Workshop 1 :
  • The impact of the separation on yourself and your children
  • The impact of effective versus ineffective communication on your relationship with your co-parent and your children
Workshop 2 :
  • Learning to identify effective versus ineffective communication
  • How to improve your communication
  • How to change your behaviour in order to improve communication
Workshop 3 :
  • Useful tips to Building the co-parenting relationship that you desire
  • Practice examples (written and verbal), opportunities to participate in and observe role plays and provide feedback

Cost :45$/workshop plus applicable taxes
A minimum of 9 maximum of 12 participants is required.
Payment is required at reservation.

To make a reservation : or 514-866-4666 extension 11